Poland needed a vehicle for outdoors on broken roads. By the year 1971 first prototypes furgons Tarpan were introduced. Ladder chassis and body parts came from Zuka, drive and independent suspension of front wheel came from Warsaw. Rear axle was solid. By the year 1972 25 pieces were produced. From 1973 until 1976 8.533 pieces of Tarpan 233 were produced. From 1978 with differential shutter. In 1978 was this model upgraded and sold as Tarpan 235. It had revised chassis, suspension of front wheels and body changes. That year over 5 thousand of pieces were produced and a year later it was 6 thousand. By turn of 70s and 80s new prototypes of new terrain vehicle were introduced. Italian Fiat ("Tarpanielo") took part in it. The model was reflected on Honker type that is being produced in upgraded version nowadays.

Tarpan Honker

When this only serie off-road vehicle was produced in Poland it received name Tarpan Honker. Reportedly because of the sinewy tatran horse breed. Its main purpose was to replace old uaz vehicles of police and army. By turn of 80s and 90s honker were produced with 3 engine types with 5 gears. The vehicle had parts from Lublin. It could do 68% hillside, side incline 42%. Dwell angle were 44/42 and wading 80 cm. At the beginning of 90s companies FSR and ROSS Roudnice took part in a terrain vehicles tender for the Czech army.

In June 1997 Tarpan Honker turned up with upgraded drive, turbo diesel Andoria 4CT90 and Eaton gearbox.

Honker 2

Honker 2 came in 1999 with new suspended wheels, upgraded drive, electrical installation and interior from Lublin 3 that had interaxle differential with a shutter and steady drive on all wheels. Both solid axles with air cushioning. The producer states the vehicle as a cheap version of a real off-road vehicle.

Honker 2000

And in the year 2000 there is upgraded Honker 2 - Honker 2000 that can be easily characterised as reliable vehicle for real extreme conditions. Its priorities are mainly low starting cost, low fuel consumption and maintenance. It offers maximal continuity and substantial type variety. At the moment there are 9 modifications of this terrain specialist in the offer. They are sold under the name Honker AMC in the Czech Republic.

made by INET-SERVIS.CZ, Hradec Králové